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ET CETERA: Sulle ali della libertà



19. 9.-3. 10. 2019

The Eleutheria Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Prague renews the cultural brand "Et Cetera" with a new exhibition about the ultra-modern Street-Art, involving young Italian and Czech artists. An initiative whose high symbolic value is rewarded by the introduction of the same in the program of the centenary of the Italian representation in Prague and the start of diplomatic relations. The initiative was curated by FrancescoAugusto Razetto, Ottaviano Maria Razetto and Genny Di Bert, respectively President, Vice-President and Curator of the Eleutheria Foundation. Located in Thunovskà street, in a part owned by the Italian Embassy, the exhibition was inaugurated, with great public success, on 19 September 2019 in the presence of the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency Francesco Saverio Nisio, and the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, and will open to visitors to Malá Strana, in the historic center, from 20 September to 03 October (free admission).

The theme chosen for the event is "freedom" commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc, two Czech boys who in 1969 sacrificed their lives in the name of the rights of their people against the pressing grip of the regime state to which Czechoslovakia was subjected. Two symbols of freedom and the struggle against oppression that, after half a century, remain icons of an incorruptible and ever-present message.

The exhibition is organized under the patronage of: Prague City Capital, Prague 1 City Hall, Art & Design Institute in Prague, Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Main Sponsors: UniCredit Bank and Architectural Consulting.