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czechoslovakia 1948-1989



3.–30. 12 2009

The exhibitions aims to overview, through over 90 artworks varying from paintings and sculptures to prints and photographs, most of which unpublished, the entire artistic period connected with Social Realism in Czechoslovakia and with works of art of those artists who were called to give their contribution to the completion of the revolutionary project. The exhibition itinerary, curated by the architect Ottaviano Maria Razetto, divided into five different section (the labour movement, the factory, the propaganda, the military life and the last years of regime) aims to cover the field in which the art of the second half of the twentieth century in Czechoslovakia found its expression. The exhibition presents two different itineraries.

The synchronic one that analyzes comparatively different topics. Along with “labour movement” and consecration of the myth of “new man”, the soul of the revolutionary project, we find the topic of the second part dedicated to the factory, understood not only as a place of production, but above all as a place where the new socialist society comes into being for the first time. In other two parts, dedicated to propaganda and to military life, emerges the character of the “positive hero”, a person that owns very strong political identity and grand spirit of sacrifice, who becomes a reference point in the presence of many difficulties owed to the construction of socialism. The last part is dedicated to the last years of regime where the delusion and disappointment come into evidence.

The other possible interpretation is diachronic, i.e. the analysis by the mean of time passing; from the first ’50s up to the ’80s. From the art subservient to the regime full of hope and illusions of the first ’50s to the consecutive simple propaganda full of rhetorical expressions within the language already unable to communicate. The whole exhibition will be completed by clear and simple notes for each work of art, by didactic panels and by background music that will accompany the visitor. The catalogue, edited by the Eleutheria Foundation includes the introduction by the President of the foundation Francesco Augusto Razetto, along with contribution of art critics Terezie Petišková and Genny Di Bert and includes also color reproductions of all the art works exhibited as well bibliographical repertory.